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Find the most frequently asked questions below.

We currently have no plans of shipping internationally.

We offer express shipping. With express shipping it allows our brownies to be delivered to you as fresh as possible the next day.

We ship our brownies out Monday through to Wednesday to make sure that they arrive the next day. We don't ship out on a Thursday in case there are delays and your brownie gets stuck in the mail over the weekend.

Our brownies are made fresh on the day that you order to ensure when they get to you they are full of flavour and are soft.

Storing & Consuming our Brownies

We wanted our brownies to be available all over Australia, so with express post it allows our brownies to be sent to you and arrive as fresh as possible.

If you're looking to keep the brownie for the next 4-5 days or even up to a week, we suggest you store the brownie tightly wrapped in glad wrap or a container in the fridge. If you're looking to store the brownie for upwards of up to a month, we recommend you store it air tight in the freezer.

We recommend heating the brownie up for 10-15 seconds so the brownie becomes warm and gooey.